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We are veterans! With over a decade in the power tools industry, we have perfected the art and science of power tools manufacture. Over the years, we have identified and mastered woodworkers’ needs, thus finetuning our manufacturing process to produce power tools that meet their woodwork needs. We constantly innovate, redesign, and redevelop products with the latest technologies to ensure you get the best power tools.

Our innovative and engineering teams work round the clock to develop more advanced and efficient products. Our latest innovation is the DOER Compact Tool Shed, an advanced version of the toolshed-in-a-box, developed after over a decade of research, innovation, and redesign. All tools in the DOER Compact Tool Shed are powered by the ONE(1)Grip power handle, a detachable battery handle, another of our inventions. With each DOER Compact Tool Shed coming with two units of ONE(1)Grip, you only have to replace the ONE(1)Grip power handle when it runs out of charge with charged one to continue working.

We are passionate and focused on expanding the DOER product line to all handheld power tools. We believe in a world where you can use your power tools, even in the woods and forests, without worrying about having a workstation or power for your tools. With the DOER Compact Tool Shed, you are sorted! However, these trailblazing innovations are not the end. We never tire of improving our products to improve their efficiency, quality, and durability.

We have business partners across the globe, ensuring our amazing customers get our products anytime, anywhere. Despite the geographical distance and different languages with our partners, we are bound by the objective “To grow the value and promote the excellence in product innovation and quality.”

With the world economy steadily recovering from Covid-19 impacts, we are inviting willing distributors from different countries to partner with us, ensuring the availability of our products in their localities. This is an amazing opportunity to partner with a reputable tool manufacturer and earn from our products’ sales and distribution. If you wish to partner with us or make a large order of our products, kindly email us at the email address on the Contact Us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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We are passionate to perfect this patented product. We started Stellen and created DOER ! We re-engineered and re-designed multiple aspects of the product to make it more reliable. And we added way more functions to make DOER 12-functions-in-one-box. its's new, improved and way more badass. it's DOER- The Most Compact Tool Sheld you've Ever Seen!